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Demolition Delayed

Today’s post is for reader DouglasM (former local) who wondered from Washington State if I had any photos of the area of Sandwich where the proposed twin span enhancement of the current bridge was going to be. Doug, here you go…

One of the more interesting motions on last night’s Council Agenda was put off at the Bridge Company’s request. It was their motion to request exemption from the interim control by-law and the demolition control by-law put in place in old Sandwich, and to request permission to allow demolition of 686, 718, 738, 750, 778 & 784 Indian Street. To rear rear of these houses it is plain to see that Mr. Maroun and the Bridge Company are progressing full steam ahead with their plans to twin the bridge enhance the current structure. I am almost to the point where I am so fed up with the local pickering among various factions, that I am almost pulling for a twinned enhanced Ambassador Bridge.

Looking south from Wyandotte St. on Indian the gaps in the streetscape are readily apparent.

686 Indian, one of the victims.

718 Indian

738 Indian.

John, it looks like your grandparent’s old house has been spared in the next round.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought a trip to Indian Road yesterday was newsworthy based on the council agenda. Christy Bezaire of A Channel News was there.

750 Indian. I’m pretty sure this was Cock Paul’s house. (A supervisor I once worked with who earned his nickname).

784 Indian. I missed getting a shot of 778, but it looks similar to 784.

Around the corner on Mill St. there are some old stairs that now lead to nothing. This house too was a victim of the enhancement.

This apartment building at University & Indian was one of the final acquisitions in the Indian Road corridor for the Bridge company. They now own all the necessary land to “enhance” the current bridge.

If this doesn’t look like laying the ground work for twinning, I don’t know what is.

You tell me, what do you think? Also good to see former MP Susan Whelan is now a mouth piece for the Bridge Company. Looks like all the local Liberals certainly have only the best of intentions for the citizens of Windsor. With friends like these….

A copy of the document that went before City Council last night can be had by clicking here.

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