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Welcome to Yorktown Square

Located in South Windsor, this relic from the 1950’s still lights up the parking lot at Yorktown Square (as the dates below show, the Yorktown store that was first to open, did so in 1953). Thanks to John and Mike for the heads up that the old sign still lights up.

At one time the plaza was anchored by The N & D Yorktown Store. N & D was a Windsor “chain” supermarket with two locations, Yorktown and Eastown. The two locations lasted into the early 1990’s forced to close when they could no longer compete with the larger national chain stores.

I’m sure the old logo brings back some memories for many locals. I found this paper grocery bag in a locker when my old factory shut down. 1988 dates back before our company was in that building, so that relic was laying around in a locker for over a decade. I saw it as I was cleaning out my locker, and decided to snag it.

Back when Windsor had independant stores in city limits.

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