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Then & Now 1911 – 2006

I came across this postcard a few years ago. It was simply marked “Walkerville, Ont.” and postmarked 1911. No other details.

Luckily the former town of Walkerville was fairly small in land size. The town was only 5 blocks wide, but several miles long. Development started at the river and headed south.

800 Block of Chilver Rd. 1911

800 Block of Chilver Rd. 2006

The big break in the mystery came from the late Walkerville Times. They ran the postcard in their paper, and one of the homeowners recognized it. The mystery was solved, as the location was across the street from the entrance to King Edward School (one block north and one street east of where I lived for 10 years!).

Look at how big those little seedlings in the first picture got!

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