DetroitPhoto Du Jour

Photo Du Jour - October 31, 2005 - Detroit Hotels 1929 - Part I

Today’s Photo Du Jour is from a Detroit promotional Booklet from 1929. This is part 1 of a series showing all the major Detroit Hotels. The most amazing fact to me from this booklet is the following: “More than 12,000 modern hotel rooms are located within a five minute walk of Grand Circus Park, in the heart of downtown hotel, theatre and shopping center. Another 13,000 additional…
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Old Car Factories

So, over on the forum, there has been a thread on Old Car Factories going since February. We have attempted to create over there a semi-official list, gleaned from all the info. we’ve been spewing for the last 8 months. So…. Without further delay…
Photo Du JourWindsor

Photo Du Jour - October 28, 2005 - Canadian Club

For many years, the Canadian Club sign illuminated the Windsor Shoreline, relentlesly advertising the Distillery’s wares. Now it’s been gone less than a decade, but is probably forgotten by many. The sign however had quite a history. This photo above is from c.

The Big Boy Comes To Town...

Yesterday at the Windsor Airport, we had a semi-rare visitor arrived with Cargo for G.M. This giant Antonov-124 from the Ukraine was the guest of honor, as this heavy rolled into town. It’s hard to tell in photos, but the aircraft is massive. Here are some specs: Wing span 73.30m (240ft 6in), length 69.10m (226ft 9in), height 20.78m (68ft 2in). Wing area 628.0m2 (6760sq ft). A good history…
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